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How We Ride

Bike 4 Friendship 2025

July 03, 2024

How we Ride

Riding will begin at nautical twilight with pit stops every 1 to 2 hours for cyclists to replenish drinks and snacks, and make basic bike adjustments. The pace will be at a smooth-talking pace, between 13-20 mph on average. You will be required to keep at least an average of a 13 mph pace throughout the trip. Each rider must have a cycling GPS, you will be provided the daily route and will ride all together in a group.

General Information

What type of bicycle do I need?


Support and More

There will be a full group of dedicated support staff to help you cross the country in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. You will not need to worry about food, accommodations, and pit stops.​ Cyclists will be required to know how to change their own flats and perform basic bike upkeep and maintenance.


Safety is the number one concern. There will be 50,000 – 60,000 man-miles being ridden over the course of the ride. Safety rules will be in place for every one of those miles, under all conditions. Safety ranges from adequate hydration, adequate calories, helmets, visibility in all weather conditions, announcing all road obstacles, and front and rear flashlights, among other things. These factors will be strongly emphasized throughout the ride. A full list of safety rules will be listed in the Bike 4 Friendship Rider’s Manual.


All meals will be strictly kosher and designed to provide cyclists with more than sufficient energy for the ride. A light complex carbohydrate breakfast will be provided each morning. On the bike, the nutrition available will include more complex carbs, protein, and sodium to keep energy stores high. After the ride, lunch includes easy protein with refined carbohydrates to promote recovery for the next day’s ride. A hot dinner of animal protein and more carbohydrates will allow for fat conversion and further recovery overnight.




Bike 4 Friendship will be staying at various locations along the route including Chabad houses, community centers, high schools, motels, and hotels. Showering facilities will be available each night. Cyclists are responsible for their own bedding and air mattresses as accommodations require. Cyclists can do laundry in machines as provided by accommodations at different times throughout the week.