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Run 4 Friends

July 4th 2023



Shine a light, show support, and raise awareness for the special needs community!

A life without friendship or purpose is no life at all. Every day, a staggering number of children and teens with special needs face the world alone. Friendship Circle was founded in pursuit of breaking down these walls of isolation. By identifying the overwhelming need for a place of friendship and inclusion for individuals with special needs, Friendship Circle is living out a critical mission through something as pure as friendship.

The Run for Friends has the power to raise funds for our overall operating budget. Held on Thursday, July 4th, in collaboration with the Palisades Will Rogers 5k and 10k Run, we look forward to having a powerful representation, among the 2000+ runners, who will come together and go the distance for this great cause. This year, our goal is to raise $200,000 for our incredible community. 

Join us and make all the difference, today!