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Welcome to Moshe's Page!

Moshe Cattan

Moshe Cattan

Embarking on a New Adventure: Biking Across France for Friendship!

I'm hitting the pedals again this summer, cycling across France's picturesque landscapes, all in the name of Friendship! I'm raising awareness for the incredible work done by the Friendship Circle, an organization close to my heart. They tirelessly provide programs and support for special needs children, teens, and their families, offering moments of joy through initiatives like weekly Sunday Circle gatherings and monthly holiday events. The "Friends at Home" program, where volunteers (or friends, as we call them) visit children weekly, is another beautiful aspect that fosters genuine connections.

Having a younger brother diagnosed with autism has shown me firsthand the profound impact the Friendship Circle can have. Growing up volunteering, I witnessed the magic of Sunday Circles and holiday events, seeing the genuine smiles on the faces of my special friends. It taught me that happiness is a choice, a powerful tool for a successful future, and that true friendship is a fundamental need for everyone.

In 2019 and 2021, I embraced the challenge of biking across America for this cause, and it was a life-changing journey. Waking up before sunrise, witnessing the ever-changing morning skies, and pedaling through diverse landscapes reinforced the idea that, despite our differences, we're all one global family.

This summer, I'm determined to give back even more. I want to shine a light on the incredible impact the Friendship Circle makes and the lasting impressions it leaves. Do you believe in making a difference in a child's life? In providing companionship to those who might otherwise feel isolated? I invite you to sponsor my journey and be a part of spreading friendship far and wide.

Join me in this adventure of a lifetime and help make a lasting impact on lives.

Yours truly,

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