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Men's Trip

Bike4Friendship France

June 16, 2024


By biking across America, we spread the message of acceptance and understanding for those who may seem different. By lending a hand to children with special needs and their families, we teach our families and our children to stand up for those in need, ultimately building stronger communities across the country. Funds raised through Bike 4 Friendship benefits Friendship Circle International, an organization that provides social support for special children nationwide.
Together, we will raise critical awareness and resources to further our mission in nurturing a more inclusive community.

July 11- August 25, 2023

*see the fundraising requirements section for more details* 



Week 1 | San Diego, CA > Phoenix, AZ

Your journey starts with the tire dipping ceremony at La Jolla beach, through the Cuyamaca Mountains, and into the Arizona desert. This part of the ride is slightly easier with regards to mileage and elevation, however, the heat can make it extremely difficult. Expect some night riding! 

Week 2 | Phoenix, AZ > Albuquerque, NM

You will then get out of the desert and into the bottom of the Rockies. The climbing is difficult, but the views are breathtaking. New Mexico is truly an enchanted place. The people you will meet, and the cities that you will see, will give you a taste of what the United States of America is all about.

Week 3 | Albuquerque, NM > Oklahoma City, OK

Don’t mess, because Texas is next, and from there you will be heading into the great plains, the heartland of America, with it’s charming little towns. Crossing into Oklahoma will give you a feel for how the pioneers established roots out west. 

Week 4 | Oklahoma City, OK > St. Louis, MO

Into Missouri it is, be prepared for the Show Me State, to amaze you with beautiful country roads and luscious forests. As you make your way across the state, you will be following the trail of Lewis & Clark through the Gateway to the West. 

Week 5 | St. Louis, MO > Columbus, OH

You will cross the great Mississippi into Illinois and along the sprawling cornfields of  Indiana. As you near the east coast, cities become more numerous, and you will be meeting many new people. Talking with mayors, local press interviews, and spreading the message of Friendship Circle will become even more frequent.

Week 6 | Columbus, OH > New York, NY

Are you ready to climb? Those steep climbs of Pennsylvania may be challenging, but the reward of rolling down those mountains is well worth it! You’re nearing New Jersey where your friends and families will be waiting to greet you with loud cheers, big hugs, and huge buckets of Gatorade to celebrate your amazing accomplishment. You rock!


Riding will begin at nautical twilight with pit stops every 1 to 2 hours for cyclists to replenish drinks and snacks, and make basic bike adjustments. The pace will be at a smooth talking pace, between 13-20 mph on average. You will be required to keep at least an average of a 13 mph pace throughout the trip. Each rider must have cycling GPS, you will be provided the daily route, and will ride all together in a group.


Road, touring, and sports bikes are recommended. If you already own a bicycle, you can take it to a local shop to have them check it out. You should also get it fitted for long-distance cycling. If you are buying a new bike, you can purchase one for about $750. You can also buy used bicycles for considerably less money, but arrange to meet with the seller at a local bicycle shop, so they can make sure it’s in good working order.


There will be a full group of dedicated support staff to help you cross the country in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. You will not need to worry about food, accommodations, and pit stops.​ Cyclists will be required to know how to change their own flats and perform basic bike upkeep and maintenance.

Safety is the number one concern. There will be 50,000 – 60,000 man-miles being ridden over the course of the ride. Safety rules will be in place for every one of those miles, under all conditions. Safety ranges from adequate hydration, adequate calories, helmets, visibility in all weather conditions, announcing all road obstacles, front and rear flashlights, among other things. These factors will be strongly emphasized throughout the ride. A full list of safety rules will be listed in the Bike 4 Friendship Rider’s Manual.

All meals will be strictly kosher and designed to provide cyclists with more than sufficient energy for the ride. A light complex carbohydrate breakfast will be provided each morning. On the bike, nutrition available will include more complex carbs, protein, and sodium to keep energy stores high. After the ride, lunch includes easy protein with refined carbohydrates to promote recovery for the next day’s ride. A hot dinner of animal protein and more carbohydrates will allow for fat conversion and further recovery overnight.
Our Team Friendship Coach, Chaim Backman, is a Brooklyn, NY-based physical therapist. Chaim has helped many people in their quest to begin running, biking, and swimming. He has coached many local and out-of-state charity teams and helped them prepare and complete length races. Coach Chaim is available for our cyclists for any and all training questions and support. 

Bike 4 Friendship will be staying at various locations along the route including Chabad houses, community centers, high schools, motels, and hotels. Showering facilities will be available each night. Cyclists are responsible for their own bedding and air mattress as accommodations require. Cyclists can do laundry in machines as provided by accommodations at different times throughout the week.


 Full Experience= $7,000

Benefits which you will receive:

  • A chance to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs
  • 2 custom jerseys
  • A fully supported ride with a SAG wagon and mechanical support
  • Accommodations throughout the trip
  • Training rides in various locations
  • Personalized fundraising page
  • Training and nutrition plan
  • Access to a long-distance cycling coach

Upon being accepted to the trip you will be asked to complete registration. There is a registration fee of $150 which will be applied to your fundraising goal. You will have the option to pay it or fundraise it within a week of registering.

All registrants will receive exclusive fundraising resources and guidance from our Fundraising Coach. 

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, registration is only open to male participants. Thank you for your understanding. 

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