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Rated the Top 10 half-marathons ever. Held in one of the coolest cities in America and a city that’s basically one big party.

Ranked among the top 10 half-marathons ever, the Austin Marathon is not just any race—it's an extraordinary celebration of everything that makes this city shine. Known as the live music capital of the world and a vibrant hub of excitement, Austin sets the stage for a race experience like no other.

Imagine running through the streets of one of America's coolest cities, surrounded by the energy of over 17,000 participants, including celebrities, professional athletes, locals, and passionate runners from around the globe. Texas is known for doing things big, and this event is no exception!

The journey begins in the heart of downtown Austin, right in front of the majestic Texas Capitol building. Picture yourself staying at a hotel just steps away from the starting line, immersing yourself in the pre-race atmosphere and anticipation.

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February 16-18, 2024

Weekend Experience

Hilton Austin

Our Accommodations
Experience the heart of downtown Austin. With modern accommodations, and exceptional amenities. Hilton Austin offers a seamless blend of comfort and style for an unforgettable stay.


Friday Afternoon
Registration Check-in, receive your jersey, find your shared hotel room, enjoy a delicious lunch, and meet fellow runners.

Inspiring Shabbat Experience

Bond with teammates, meet Friendship Leaders from around the world, join traditional Shabbat meals and services, and relax before the big day.

Pre-Race Banquet and Pasta Party

Saturday Night
Bring all the energy! Load up on dinner, hear personal stories from Friendship Circle members, go crazy at the dance party, and get pumped for an incredible run!

Race Day

Sunday Morning
Start your morning with some pre-race fuel and last-minute stretching before heading to the starting line with your team family. Run to the beat of Team Friendship's DJ and stop to say hi to your friends and fans. Grab some swag and drinks at the famous Team Friendship cheer spot!

Post Race Celebration

Sunday Afternoon
Celebrate Your Accomplishments with the #FriendshipFam: Enjoy a Delicious Lunch and Bid Farewell... But Only Temporarily!

Fundraising Minimum


Enjoy the full experience and perks of the fundraising marathon event!

Level Up with Team Friendship

Elevate Your Fundraising Experience: Unlock Perks at Every Milestone and Fundraise in Style!


Earn a travel voucher for up to $250 towards your round-trip ticket OR 1-night extra hotel stay.


Earn a travel voucher for up to $250 towards your round-trip ticket AND 1-night extra hotel stay.

Fundraising Resources:

  • Receive a personal fundraising page
  • Weekly Fundraising emails
  • You CAN do it: over 2500 Team Friendship participants have reached their fundraising goal
  • Small donations add up
  • Receive lots of tried and true tips and tricks

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