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Bike 4 Friendship 2019

July 14, 2019

Join Bike 4 Friendship: Cross Country for an exhilarating and meaningful experience of a lifetime.
On this ride, you will experience cycling a vast amount of miles on the saddle while taking in the enticing scenery and beauty ‘round each bend of the road.  And while your legs are pedaling in the great outdoors, your mind is getting a workout, too, with fascinating people to meet and cultural interactions and learning part of every ride, every day.

Ride Dates: July 14- August 25, 2019

Riding begins every day at 7 AM with pit stops approximately every 20 miles for cyclists to replenish drinks and snacks, and make basic bike adjustments. The pace will be between 13-20 mph on average. Cyclists will be required to keep an average of a 13 mph pace throughout the ride. Directions will be provided before every ride. Cyclists will be required to ride with a partner.

Safety is the number one concern. We anticipate riding 35,000 to 40,000 man-miles over the course of the ride. That’s a lot of miles! Safety rules will be in place for every one of those miles, under all conditions. Safety ranges from adequate hydration, adequate calories, helmets, visibility in all weather conditions, distance between bikes, announcing all road obstacles in group rides, front and back flashers, and bike mirrors, among other things. These factors will be strongly emphasized throughout the ride. A full list of safety rules will be listed in the Bike 4 Friendship Rider’s Manual.

A group of dedicated support staff will be there to help you on your journey. You will not need to worry about, food, accommodations, and pit stops. There will be a bicycle mechanic traveling alongside the group in the support vehicle.

All meals will be strictly kosher and designed to provide cyclists with sufficient energy for the ride. A full breakfast will be served each morning before the ride. Lunch will be nutritionally designed to keep you going throughout the ride. A hot dinner will be served every night. Fuel efficient snacks will also be provided at pit stops throughout the route.

Bike 4 Friendship will be staying at various locations along the route including community centers, schools, college dorms, and motels. Showering facilities will be available each night. Cyclists are responsible for their own bedding. Laundry will be done as needed.

This ride is unquestionably an endurance challenge. The only way to be successful is to have a highly tuned, efficient engine. The only way to have that kind of human engine is by continual long-distance training. The best way to do that is by gradual build-up, to the point of consecutive days with long distance rides. Cyclists will receive a training plan upon completion of registration.

Fundraising Requirements
The minimum fundraising requirement is $6,000. All donations are tax-deductible and will be going to benefit children with special needs. Each rider will receive a personalized fundraising page, and fundraising materials, guidance, and tips from an expert fundraiser.

Upon being accepted to the trip you will be asked to complete registration. There is a registration fee of $100 which will be applied to your fundraising goal.

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