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Team Friendship Virtual Experience 


Are you ready for the first-ever Team Friendship Virtual Experience?


We are! And we’ve got a whole lineup of awesome incentives ready to ship out as soon as you hit the fundraising minimums. Have a look--which ones will you be getting?

$250: Running/Biking Jersey

Enhance your training with a brand new running or biking jersey! *Raise by May 13th to receive in time for race day*


$300: Tulip Wine

We never turn down a nice glass of wine, especially not when it’s from our favorite winery. Now, you can get the whole bottle--and this wine is special for so much more than its balanced flavor profiles and rich aromas. Tulip Winery employs local adults who have special needs, teaching them the wine trade and helping them integrate into mainstream society. Tulip’s founder says labels belong on wine bottles, not people. That’s a mission we can get behind!


$500: Friendship Circle Sweater

Our quality merch is a point of pride here at Team Friendship, and that goes for our sweaters first and foremost. Plush, warm, and super cozy, these Friendship sweaters are the perfect friendship memento. Be warned, though: once you slip it on, you’ll find you might have a difficult time taking it off again… 


$750: Soul studio item

Soul Studio is a supported art studio program with an open studio space and gallery for adults with special needs in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Here, individuals with special needs create unique art, from the heart. You can get a one-of-a-kind (in more ways than one!) phone case designed by a member of the Soul Studio team. It’s a beautiful reminder of the meaning of friendship and inclusivity that you can keep in the palm of your hand every day. 


$1,000: Photo of the Rebbe on Glass Plaque

Born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair, Felicia Bowers has limited control over her body. She cannot speak and rather uses a retina-controlled device to communicate. But the 27-year-old from West Bloomfield, Michigan draws incredible portraits that make people stop and stare. And she's doing it in a way no one ever expected--with her eyes! We’ll be printing Felicia’s drawing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on a glass plaque for those who reach the $1,000 fundraising minimum. Click here to learn more about Felicia’s story.


$2,000: Receive $500 off the Miami Marathon

When this is all over (may it be sooner than later!) and we’re back to our regular programming, you’ll be ahead of the game with a $500 discount off the Team Friendship Miami Marathon fundraising minimum!