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Team Friendship Virtual Experience 2020

Virtual Experience 2020

WHAT: A virtual Team Friendship experience 
WHERE: At home, on the treadmill, wherever you desire
WHEN: June 7, 2020
MINIMUM GOAL: This event has no fundraising minimum! Just cover the $54 registration fee and fundraise what you can to support Friendship Circle's crucial work, plus get some
cool incentives!)


If you know anything about Team Friendship, you know this: we don’t give up.

Whether it’s pushing through that last mile, raising one more dollar, recruiting that friend who swore they’d never run a marathon, or bringing a smile to someone’s face, we know that the power of friendship can get us through anything.

That’s why we’re introducing an event unlike any we’ve ever produced before: welcome to the TF VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE!

What is it? Well, with in-person gatherings off the table for now, we’ll be getting together for a virtual Team Friendship endurance event. The goal: bike 25 or 50 miles or run 5k, 10k, or 13.1 miles (your choice!). Wherever you are in the world, you can join this experience and be a part of something so much bigger.

In times like these, friendship is more in demand than ever. It’s times like these when we need to stand up and show the world that we are unstoppable--and more importantly, that friendship truly never ends.

Friendship is infectious. Happiness is contagious. Laughter spreads like wildfire. Together, let’s make friendship go viral!

raised of $70,000 goal
Ambassadors For Friendship

We know new things can be scary. Don’t worry! Team Friendship will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll be more overprotective than a first-time mom at preschool orientation day. 
1. Register 

Upon registering, you’ll receive a personal fundraising page (yay!). It’s not your name on a building (yet), but it’s still pretty cool.

2. Virtual Training

Next, you’ll get a training plan from Coach Chaim, our very friendly and very dedicated coach. You’ll also join a Whatsapp Support Group where you’ll get the Coach’s weekly training tips and tricks.

3. Fundraise

And of course, we won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to fundraising. We’ve got tried-and-true fundraising tools and methods, which we’ll share with you weekly on the team Whatsapp group. 

4. Conquer Your Goal

While you’re out there training and fundraising, we’ll be taking care of all this stuff so you don’t have to worry: 


     * Motivation: You aren't running solo; we will provide resources to keep you pumped. 

     * Race Kit: Check the mail for some running essentials for the race. Who doesn't love TF swag?   
     * Celebratory Events: Physically distant, emotionally connected. Join the team for friendship and inspiration brought to your home!  
      * Recruit A Friend: Recruit a friend and enable others to get involved!

      * Got a special request? (Totally understandable, we’ve all been there) We’ll do our very best to make sure you’re at your happiest. 

Event Info

So, the Virtual Experience schedule looks a little bit like this, but just a lot more magical in real life: 
Sign up: Physically distant, emotionally connected. Get your friends to join you for a unique experience! 
Choose your track: Run 5k, 10k, or 13.1 mi or Bike 25 mi or 50 mi for Friendship.
Join the Whatsapp Group: Receive weekly fundraising and training materials to help you reach your goals.
Train: Get those muscles flexing. Pound the pavement (or your treadmill/stationary bike) and of course, keep in mind Coach Chaim’s words of wisdom.
 This event has no fundraising minimum, but all funds that are raised will directly benefit children with special needs in this difficult and uncertain time. Fundraising also allows you to enable others to get involved in the cause and participate in your run. Just cover the $54 registration fee and fundraise what you can to support Friendship Circle's crucial work, plus get some cool incentives!

Mail: Check the mail for some Team Friendship swag 

Start Line: We are in this together. Join a start line ceremony before you hit the track.

You did it! Track your run, take a selfie, and wear that medal with pride.

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