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Welcome to Cham- Cham Reichman's Page

Cham- Cham Reichman

Cham- Cham Reichman

The world of giving and receiving. A cycle to partake and be part of something great. Today I’m asking you to be part of just that. To look at giving as an opportunity, and take pride with me in supporting Sunshine.

I will be running or walking, and I’m still not sure what my mile commitment will be, for the Sunshine Bunk in the Friendship Circle run! Friendship Circle has given Sunshine the opportunity to create a team and run within to help support & fund-raise so that our Sunshine campers and staff can get more this summer!

In 2008 Friendship Circle opened the very first integrated sleepover camp for individual girls with special needs in Camp Emunah. A program now known as Sunshine which has been near and dear to my heart for 15 years!

Sunshine is a 6 week summer program that fuels our campers and staff for a full school year and a lifetime of cherished memories of love and friendship. I have seen how Sunshine has changed the lives of many. Aside for changing and molding my life in many ways, I have seen it literally save lives. Lives of campers, parents, family, staff, and our community. Somethings can’t be taught, some experiences can’t be explained, some friendships just mean more than anything and everything. That’s Sunshine.

My run this February in California is to a make a statement to the world: kindness is free, sprinkle it whenever and wherever you can. And if you have a dollar to share, show some love where the sun truly shines bright! Your investment will forever glow!

Running for me.
Running for Numi.
Running for Yuda.
Running for all my Sunshine staff.
Running for all my Sunshine campers. The best of the best!
Running for friendship.
Running for inclusiveness.
Running for what matters.

I’m running. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m showing up for the community I love most. Sunshine, your always with me.

Thank you Friendship Circle for giving me this platform and for being such an incredible influence in our community. I am forever grateful for all you have done in supporting my brother -who is the love of my life- and for your initiation and involvement in creating the Sunshine Bunk back in 08.

May we all be blessed with so much love and friendship!

Thank you!
Cham- Cham Reichman


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