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Team Friendship Ambassadors

You bring people together.

Wherever you are you make an impact and you leave your mark. When you see a challenge you don’t look past it, you tackle it head-on. When you find a great opportunity you share it with others. ​

Changing lives with Friendship

Friendship Circle Ambassadors are incredible humans

just like you who bring their friends, families, or communities

along with them for an incredible weekend experience and marathon

multiplying their impact on individuals with special needs. 

Running a long distance is an experience but bringing

your people along with you make it life-changing.

“It’s really gratifying to help people who never dreamed of completing a long-distance run. I’ve never been the most popular kid in class, so  I love spreading the values that everyone needs to be kind to one another, see people for who they are, not judge them for how they act."

- Dana Ginsburg


Recruit 3 of your favorite people to register and you’ll become a Team Friendship Ambassador. 

You’ll impact your friends, and their friends, and make sure that kids with special needs across the country have friends who celebrate them and appreciate their abilities. 

Become a Team Friendship Ambassador and unlock these perks!


Raise less do more

Your ambassador fundraising goal is $1,800 instead of $3,600 because less time fundraising means more time to get others to join the adventure. 


The friendliest report

You’ll receive our exclusive good friend report introducing you to one awesome special needs friend in your inbox each month. You’ll be able to directly connect with the people you help while meeting some incredible humans.


Train insane

You’ll get a private session with our running coach to create a custom training plan or a plan to snag a PR, finally. 


Your impact rundown

You’ll get weekly updates on your total impact to see the funds and people reached by your recruits. 


Training Jersey

You’ll get a jersey delivered early so you can use it while training and spread inclusion as your train.


The private party

You’ll have access to your ambassador-only event during the marathon weekend. 

Register to be an ambassador

Want more information about the Team Friendship Surf City marathon? Click here!


"I got involved in my local Friendship Circle chapter via Team Friendship! It brings me such joy watching new team members go through the experience for the first time…because I know it will always be the first of many."

-Ethan Stein

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