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Virtual Run Across America

Move for Friendship 

Philly Friendship Virtual Walk

Run Across America
Nov. 8, 2020 @ 10 AM

Step #1:
Commit to join friends from across the country to run, walk, roll the length of the continental US (2400 miles) to support Friendship Circle. Typically, there is a $65 registration fee to participate. We’ve got you covered - but please donate and fundraise what you can. Start your fundraising campaign by registering here
Sign up by 11/1 to receive your registration packet by the day of, which includes:
  • Bib
  • Medal
  • Neck Warmer 
...and check out all the other cool perks you get for signing up below! 

Step #2: 
Choose Your Distance
This year we can’t walk together with hundreds like we usually do but we can still walk or run for the cause and do something good for our health in smaller groups at a safe distance. Choose the distance (1 mile, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon) you would like to run, walk or roll!  

Step #3: 
Prepare for the Big Day
A communal run/walk can be complicated, but we’re simplifying things by connecting with friends all over the US through Team Friendship, a division of Friendship Circle International. The day of, track your distance and connect with others through the Charge app! Team Friendship is providing all the support you need in the following ways:
Step #4: 
Help Philly FC reach its fundraising goal of $150,000 to kick off a strong year of programming. When your friends and family see your enthusiastic commitment, they will be happy to help support such a great cause. This event is grassroots style meaning that it’s all about friends reaching out to friends for any size donation- big or small. It all adds up and it is a great way for you to see the positive impact you can have directly on the community. 

Step #5: 
Run, Walk, & Roll!
On November 8th at 10:00 AM, lace up your sneakers, head to your favorite trail, and get moving! As you cover your distance, your miles will go toward our overall goal of 2,400 miles. Friends will be moving all over the country in support of FC at the very same time. Tune into the live cheering, coaching, and event vibe and let the power of the friendship get you to the finish line. 


How it works: Our interactive map tracks our collective miles and shows our progress across America. Every time a runner registers for the race, the map updates our mileage. As a team, we'll reach the West Coast in no time at all!