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Sarah Baram

Sarah Baram

Growing up going to a Friendship Circle was just something I did every sunday.
It was my parents' work and my family’s shluchos.
It was something that my parents decided, about 17 years ago, to dedicate their life to.
I remember once an alum of the Friendship Circle was asking me about what it is like to be my parents' child and asked: “So is their job like a regular 9-5 job?”
I started to laugh a little and I explained to her that it is a 24/7 job. There is never a day in the year when they are not working. This is their life's mission and their unique way of bringing G-dliness into the world through the Rebbe’s teachings and inspiration.
I grew up with my parents' ringtone memorized always ending with the spelling of phillyfriendship.com. The ending of their email addresses as a resource for people calling them to reach out to them. (my siblings and I will still spontaneously rattle it off for fun)
I grew up being able to repeat word for word what my father's elevator pitch about what friendship circle is in 1 sentence: “Philly Friendship Circle is an organization that creates inclusive friendships and relationships by pairing people with special needs with teens in the area.”
I grew up with the principles of ‘Be Yourself and Have Fun’ as the slogan and the “only two rules at Friendship Circle” as my father says, to the point that my mother put it in the tiles of the shower in our new house.
I grew up like this, but only started to appreciate it and make it my own once I got older and started to be actively involved in the organization.
For me it has been the place where I connect with all different types of people from many different backgrounds which I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise.
It has been an opportunity where I can lead and get involved with planning details through being a member of the Leadership Board for all my 4 years of High School.
FC has helped me mature and develop my communications skills when trying to connect with friends with special needs.
It has been an environment where I can truly feel like myself. I don't feel judged or self conscious at all. I can have fun and just be present and enjoy the moment.
FC for me, truly is where I can be myself and have fun.
Over the past 4 years of high school I have learned to become passionate about my parents work not because I was forced to be a part of it since it is their work but because I love it and I chose to get involved.
Every year when school starts I get excited for the upcoming programs. For seeing all my FC friends which i haven't seen the whole summer and to reconnect with them.
The main kickoff event for the year is on Sunday November 13th, their annual Walk at Barrack’s Campus from 2-4 pm.
It would mean a lot to me if you are around if you could come cheer on this wonderful organization and the amazing work they do, OR if you aren't around, or even if you are if you could just donate a little something
(and it would definitely take some stress off of my wonderful parents and their big budget they have to fundraise for)
Sarah :)


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