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The care and appreciation for each runner was felt and was above and beyond anything I imagined!

- Mushka Schneider, Brooklyn, NY


Team Friendship had a unique spirit of inclusion that made everyone feel welcome and worthy. Best experience of my life.

- Fay Kranz, Richmond, VA



I accomplished things this past weekend that I never thought possible.

- Gary Budlow, Livingston, NJ



Thanks to the much hand-holding and support Team Friendship provided, it made my challenges into a goal and into a reality that I'm still having a hard time grasping.

- Hindy Finman, S. Philadelphia, PA



Gary & I had a great time and were uplifted by the adventure.

- Randy DeFillip, Charlotte, NC



This was the best spontaneous decision I've ever made.

- Zachary Pomerantz, Potomac, MD



I thought it was one and done, but the experience is awesome. I’ll be back.

- Noach Hurwitz, Brooklyn, NY



I come away with a whole new group of friends and an experience that will stay with me for a long time.

- Jerry Krivitzsky, Livingston, NJ



Watching 100 people, old and young, runners and non-runners, work towards such an amazing cause was unbelievable. 

- Rachel Colonomos, FC of Atlanta runner



I thought I came to give to others but in the end left with far more than I came with

- Alon Asefovitz, Los Angeles, CA

Everyone should run this! I will definitely not forget it.

- Leora Kroll