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Team Friendship Miami

Sunday, January 25th, 2014

The marathon will start from the American Airline Arena
601 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132

Corporate Sponsorship

A Corporate Sponsor is when a business gives a large donation to an organization in exchange for benefits through marketing exposure.  

Quite simply, reach out to a local business asking for a large donation towards your run. Be sure to let them know that in exchange for their donation, Team Friendship will put their logo on materials seen throughout the event, at the end of our recap video, and (for sponsors of $1,000) even our jersey!  

Keep this in mind! Many businesses have a certain amount of money allocated to donations for the year. They have no problem giving and would be honored to be a supporter of such an event, especially with the marketing opportunity it provides.  

Although businesses may be intimidating, don’t let your inhibitions stop you from gaining support and raising your funds with ease.

Click HERE to download the Corporate Sponsorship proposal.

Click HERE to download a sample donation request letter, specifically for corporate sponsors. 

For larger corporate sponsorship donations, click here.

Corporate Sponsorship FAQs: 

1. How does it work?

Step 1: Make a list of 3-10 businesses you will target. 

Step 2: Next to each business on the list, write down the best was to approach that company. (i.e. Through a connection you may have, via e-mail, snail-mail, a visit to the office, etc.)

Step 3: Print the Corporate Sponsorship Proposal and send it to the businesses along with a personal letter explaining why you are running and why you need their support.

Step 4: Here’s the biggie… FOLLOW UP.  Don’t be shy to send a gentle reminder! Companies are super busy with many many priorities and often, this type of request may slip through their cracks. Remember that they WANT to give and may have forgotten to reply to you.  So you may need to follow up 1-5 times until you get your donation.  If you still feel bad following up, please see The #1 Rule to Fundraising

Step 5: Once you have a company on board (three cheers!), they have 2 easy steps to complete:
1. Donate!**
2. Ask them to fill out the form at
(This form is very important to ensure they get the recognition they deserve.)

Step 6: We'll take care of the rest! Your sponsor's logo will soon be on our site and we'll make sure they get the proper recognition for their donation!

** Some companies will donate directly to your page online, others may prefer to write a check. If they choose to send a check directly to our office, make sure they include your name, their company name, a contact number, and as many other details as possible.

2. What kind of businesses?

Start with a friend or family-friend who owns a (larger) business. Whether it’s a real estate company, jewelry company, or bakery, your friends will give! Don’t forget about your chiropractor, doctor, and dentist too!

Go BIG! Reach out to your friend who works for a multi-millionaire and ask him if their company will give. Use out your connections. Contact your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, or Costco. (Wal-Mart has given large donations to our team in the past.) 

3. How much do you have to give to be a corporate sponsor?

As stated on the Corporate Sponsorship Proposal, below are our 2 corporate sponsorship options:

As a Team Friendship Sponsor, your company logo will be prominently featured on the Team Friendship website, and all Team Friendship NYC Half United Airlines Marathon marketing material.

As a Team Friendship Partner, your company logo will be prominently featured on the Team Friendship website, all Team Friendship United Airlines NYC Half marketing material. Additionally, YOUR LOGO WILL BE PROMINENTLY FEATURED ON THE TEAM FRIENDSHIP JERSEY, worn by hundreds of participants and viewed by thousands of spectators.

4. How do they give the donation?
Just like a regular donation, your donor can visit the site and donate directly to your page or send a check made out to Friendship Circle International, and mail it to:

Friendship Circle International
816 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11213. 

Remember to ask them to put all of your information in the envelope so we can allocate the money to your account once we receive it.

** DEADLINE! Corporate Sponsorship opportunities have an event-specific deadline. Please see each event website for further details.  This is in order to ensure your sponsor's logo is put on all the necessary material before the event.  Please contact the Team Friendship office to find out the corporate sponsorship deadline for the event you are participating in.**