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Welcome to Esther Katz's Page

Esther Katz

Esther Katz

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, I’ve been a volunteer for Friendship Circle and see the great impact the have made. I appreciate all that Friendship Circle does and stands for I can’t wait with all of your help to reach my goal and give back to Friendship Circle. All donations make a difference and are greatly appreciated, Thank You


raised of $3,500 goal

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1. yyour fav Latina
Go gee fish!! Tashlich!!!
2. ?Anonymous
3. MOMenucha Oster
4. SGShimshon Goldshtein
לזכות ולרפוקו״ש להרה״ת ר׳ זאב יחזקאל הכהן שיחי׳ בן מינדל שלא ישאר שום רושם כלל
5. CChanale Frankforter
WOooot you got this <3
6. CChana kaplan
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