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Welcome to Jenna Grossman’s Page

Jenna Grossman

Jenna Grossman

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, I have been a member of friendship circle for two years and it has been an incredible experience for me. Spending time with a young girl with Down syndrome and being a member for friendship circle was life changing. I really appreciate all they do and can’t wait for a chance to reach my goal and give
back. Please donate any amount so that I can participate in the United Airline half marathon for friendship circle and help a special needs child.


raised of $1,675 goal

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1. Jenna Grossman
2. BBrochi stern
Good luck Jenna !!!! Amazing cuase 🏃‍♀️
you've got a whole school behind you. I love you Jenna- so proud of you- never give up- RUN Forrest RUN
4. BBracha Klein
Good luck Jenna !!
5. SWSarah Werdiger
YOU GO BABY!! I’m so proud of you gorgeous girl???? Sorry I’m broke or you would be getting way more $$ :(( love you Jenna?? good luck!
6. JBJennifer Bryski
Good luck Jenna! We are rooting for you!
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