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It's time for me to run with Friends(hip)

Gabi Weinberg

Gabi Weinberg

A little over a year ago I ran w/ FC for the first time. It was supposed to be the NYC Half Marathon, but with the onset of Covid-19 it became the "virtual half." I thankfully still managed to pull it off, but it was a solo endeavor.
Then I signed up for the Virtual Run Across America with FC - and did a marathon virtually.
With the emphasis on friendship, it feels weird that I've only done these runs solo and now it's my chance to run 26.2 with thousands of New Yorkers, and most importantly 10 of us from the Friendship Circle Family.
Your support of the FC projects means so much to me and to all of the friendships that bloom. Thank you and I am so glad to run with you in mind!


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Woot! Go Gabo! You got this!
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