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Miami in a Box 2024

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Miami Local 2024

The LIFETIME Miami Full and Half Marathon

Miami, we remember you and your passion for the marathon! Introducing Marathon in a Box, crafted for locals preparing to race or those seeking a thrilling Miami winter break with a marathon twist. Personalized training plans, top-notch gear, and exciting perks await both seasoned runners and first-timers. Embrace the Miami spirit, conquer new milestones, and create unforgettable memories with Marathon in a Box. See you at the starting line!

You can sign up to run Miami on January 28, 2024, in support of Friendship Circle and commit to raising or donating $750 or more. We’ll send you a marathon in a box, including a race day jersey, pre-race snacks, specialty Team Friendship swag, and some other goodies.

If you love the Miami Marathon and are planning to run it this winter, we’d be honored if you’d run for friendship. Hundreds of great humans will be biking, hiking, or running with Team Friendship this year, and we’d love for you to be part of creating friendship and inclusion for every young person with special needs.

Make an Impact on People with Disabilities

Y'all means All

  • Friendship Circle creates friendship and inclusion in the lives of people with disabilities by pairing them with typical peers for a range of social and recreational programs that focus on abilities and the unique contribution every individual can make.

  • The funds you raise go directly to creating communities where everyone belongs and is worthy of love, acceptance, and friendship.

  • When you fundraise, you’re not asking for yourself. The people who care about you would love to support you and the cause your care about.

  • You’ll receive templates for email, social, and texts to invite your friends and family to support your challenge, along with our best tips and tricks. 98% of runners reach their goal, so we’re confident you got this!

Get as much as you give

You train for the distance of your choice with the support of Coach Chaim, who will provide you with a training plan and answer all your burning questions, and we’ll do the rest. From the moment you touchdown in Miami, you’ll be taken care of with an all-inclusive weekend. You’ll experience an uplifting Shabbat where you’ll see and hear about your impact, great eats, a pre-race pasta party, an incredible marathon, and a post-race celebration.

raised of $10,000 goal