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Lori Snyder

Thank you for sponsoring me and for supporting The Friendship Circle which has been such a fantastic source of support for me personally through their amazing programming. On a regular basis, I get to take a break, meet other moms, and feel taken care of by this loving organization that has truly made a difference in my life. Thank you for your donation! - Lori



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1. AFAviva Fischer
2. TThe Stibers
Wow you finished the hard part....now the rest should all be down hill! I am in awe at how determined you are and how far you have come!
3. SMSuzanne Miller
4. SGStephanie Gold
Mazel tov to the finish line
5. DGDean Grayson
Best of Luck, Lori. Run like the wind !! -Dean & Devorah
6. KCKarin Cohen
Kol HaKavod Leah Esther! Thanks for inspiring me to support this important work. Hatzlacha Raba, Aaron and Karin
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