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Dana Ginsburg

This is my 4th year as Team Captain for Maryland. I love being a part of Team Friendship and more importantly, the mission of the organization to provide every child with special needs in Montgomery County and D.C., the friendship, inclusion and emotional support that they deserve.

To inspire and enrich our network of volunteers with the personal growth and fulfillment derived from selfless giving. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!

Together we can make a difference! Best - Dana



raised of $4,500 goal

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1. ACAlana Carmel
Go Dana! You are such an inspiration :)
2. ?Anonymous
3. SNSusan Neuberg
Go Dana!! We are so amazed at your energy and how much you give to make this world a better place. You are a wonderful role model and we are blessed to have you as our friend. Love, Susan & Phillip Neuberg
4. ARAdie Roth
5. JSJudry And Amy Subar
Go, Dana!
6. MRMerrill Rosen Lynn
Good luck in Miami!

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