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Welcome to Brooke Sameyah 's Page

Brooke Sameyah

Brooke Sameyah

This February, I will run my third half. Below is an entry I wrote after my first half in January 2019:

Today I ran my first half marathon in Miami. With every mile that passed, I thought of another person, place, or thing I was grateful for. I met strangers along the way who showed so much strength and pushed me forward to the finish life- from starting the marathon standing alongside a very special friendship circle friend, to the 82 year old running his 7th marathon, down to the homeless guy with the sign that read “don’t try to run, pray to run.” At mile 12 I found a man passed out on the sidewalk. He had a pulse but was unresponsive. Eventually, the cops came after many calls and a large crowd and I continued on with my run. In that moment, I said thank you Hashem for giving me the strength, power, and lifeline to complete this run and help others in the process. Let’s do more good together this March.

P.S. at 82, I want to be running back in Miami where I started. Thank you Powell.

No better sweat than training for an incredible cause. Let’s spread some more light 💙



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Amazing how powerful you are for the community and all the great work you do, keep it up Brooke!!
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To the coolest runner I know. Can’t wait to one day run a marathon with you!!!!
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To the one with the most vibrant energy in the room, you inspire us all to be the best version of ourselves ❤️
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Super proud of you! ❤️
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Brooke! Let’s go get em baby!!
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