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Me and my best friend Aaron

Sruly Glabman

Sruly Glabman

I met My first best-friend at just 3 years old on our first day of preschool. Aaron wasn't like the rest of the kids, he looked different and had a hard time talking. However, when Aaron and I met, we immediately connected. I learned to understand the way he spoke, what he needed and we enjoyed playing together like regular preschoolers do. I quickly became extremely protective over Aaron and In ways he looked after me too. I was very aware of how others treated him, made sure he was happy and included. And Aaron, well, he made sure he was the only one that got the seat next me. He and I stuck together past preschool, through elementary school until 8th grade when we parted but still spend time together nearly every week all throughout highschool.
My friendship with Aaron has taught me that connection doesn't require being the "same" as another. At 3 years old we didn't shy away from each others differences if anything, it was the thing that bonded us, learning to communicate which one another, to be patient and understanding. Our friendship has been a big part of my life and most definitely made an everlasting impact on me.

I want to thank you for joining me in supporting The Friendship Circle. As you can imagine this cause is ecpecially meaningful to me. Any amount you can donate goes straight to helping thousands of children like Aaron and offer so much love, comfort, support and community to their families.

I love you Aaron, this one's for you bro!


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