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Chanah Faygen

Chanah Faygen

So I thought long and hard if I should sign up. But it came down to the realization that I REALLY want to take this opportunity. This is my chance to hike Kilimanjaro safely and smartly. To take the idea of “conquering a mountain” in life, and making it REAL.
So I did. Even though raising this amount is probably crazy. And terrifying, to say the least.

So August 14-25 I head to Africa Gd willing! To conquer Kilimanjaro 😅
I decided that pushing my body, soul and mind to do this intense trip is what I’m meant to do right now. :)
It would mean the world if you could support me through this.
Raising money for a great thing!

Friendship circle is an organization that gives of their heart, money and soul to children and families with special needs.
Thank Gd, You and I are healthy. But here is our chance to support and give to those that need this extra support and love for their children to live with opportunities that others might take for granted.
May we in return be blessed with only health in every shape, way, and form.

With love, and deep gratitude.


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