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Sophie Zayden

Sophie Zayden

Whoever knows me knows I love a good cause and a good adventure. I've decided to Hike for Friendship with Friendship Circle International! I am attempting to raise $3,500 (hefty, but I believe in the people around me!).

For those of you who may not know what Friendship Circle is, here is a briefing: Friendship Circle is a special needs organization that aims to promote an inclusive community that values all individuals regardless of the challenges they face. Friendship Circle is founded upon the idea that within each person is a soul; and that soul is equal and worthy of boundless love.

Why I'm doing it: because I believe that every individual is deserving of love, respect, and most importantly, friendship.



raised of $3,500 goal

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1. Shaina Hertz
YOU GO SOPHIE!! This is amazing!! Shabbat Shalom! ❤️ Shaina
2. Esther
3. Anastasiya Shtulman
4. Shaina Shagalow
5. Anonymous
6. Chaya Friedfertig
Good luck!! Keep up the great work <3
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