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Hike 4 Friendship

Shira Yardley

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my page.

Friendship Circle is an incredible organization that provides children with special needs the support, friendship and inclusion that everyone deserves. I'm very excited to be hiking the Grand Canyon in support of Friendship Circle and everything it stands for!

If you can't join the team, at least give a little :) Together we can make a difference!

Grand Canyon, here I come!!

- Shira Yardley



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1. Simpser Family
2. Rebetzin Levy
Good for you Shira! Love, Rebetzin Levy
3. Miriam Graf
Shira - what a wonnderful thing to do! Enjoy. It’s gorgeous in the canyon!!!!
4. Laura L
5. Jacqueline Royce
6. Tamar Davis