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Welcome to Shira Herman's Page

Shira Herman

Shira Herman

Thank you for taking a minute to check out my page!

A community member shared the hike for Friendship circle, I was so excited & motivated about the idea of a hike! A hike... to the Grand Canyon! Why hadn't I heard about this before??

The fact that its a fundraiser for an incredible cause, enables me to do something thats a once in a lifetime opportunity & help out at the same time!

My experiences with children with disabilities has brought me first hand experience with what an amazing organization this is, and how many people they help.

Every person, no matter their abilities has feelings, and their own thoughts.

Whether they seem to, or not, they understand us - we just cant understand them (as put very eloquently by Rabbi YY Jacobson in a shiur I heard recently).

I love that there is an organization dedicated to making these special souls feel part of a community, and I'm proud to finally be part of it!

Please help me accomplish my goals, donate, and be a part of this amazing organization that touches & helps people from all corners of the globe.

Best - Shira



raised of $3,500 goal

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Good luck Shira!!! Weโ€™re rooting for you!!!
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