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Rocheli Lavrinoff

Friendship Circle is a place where miracles happen. In my position as Volunteer Coordinator in the Five Towns chapter, I've seen miracles come to life. Be a part of this too by helping me reach my fundraising goal!

Thank you!! - Rocheli



raised of $3,500 goal

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1. Maaser
2. Zevy Giniger
3. Your Favorite Chavrusa
Girllllll you are so incredibly awesome and inspiring and amazing. Keep on changing the world into good!! You rockkkkk! And friendship circle of 5towns is the absolute best without doubt!! You are so lucky that you work for them! Keep on using your time to help other people. And your energy is sooo chill it's amazingggg. We gotta learn hahahah. Enjoy the hike!!
4. Chaya Laine
Good luck Rocheli!!
5. Noach Neustadter
6. Jonathan Glaubach
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