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  1. Sarah Denberg


Join Team Friendship in Hike 4 Friendship on May 26-29, 2019 for a meaningful and exhilarating experience.


TRAINING PLAN, COACH AND SAFETY: Arizona Outback Adventures will be leading the hike, and will make sure that all hikers have what they need to safely participate. Additionally, hikers are provided with a Hike Manual which outlines more specific safety details such as hydration, calorie counts, and weather. The manual also includes varied training plans to meet the hiker’s specific athletic level and help them prepare for Grand Canyon.


TRANSPORTATION: We will be arriving in Phoenix on Sunday afternoon. Our guides will meet us there and take up straight to the Grand Canyon where we will spend our first night.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The nights of our trip will be spent camping out in tents in the Canyon.


FOOD: All meals will be strictly kosher and designed to provide hikers with sufficient energy for the hikes. Breakfast will be served each morning before the hike. Lunch will be on the go along with plenty of snacks throughout the day. Dinner will be prepared and served once we return to camp each night.

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