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Jack Jacobson

Jack Jacobson

On August 21st and 22nd, I am riding my bicycle 130 miles to raise money for Friendship Circle of Wisconsin. I am asking for your help.
Friendship Circle of Wisconsin organizes social events, educational programs, and many opportunities for people with special needs in the Milwaukee area. The members, staff and volunteers work together and learn from each other.

My nephew, Sol, works at the Friendship Café. He’s a great guy. But being a great person does not get anyone a job. At Friendship Cafe, Sol, and other people with disabilities, are hired, and are learning important job and social skills. They have become part of the working and economic fabric of our community.

Last year I was the second oldest rider. Please help me prove that my friends, of all ages, support Friendship Circle.
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This cause is very dear to me, and I appreciate all the support you can give us! Together we can make a difference! Thank you, with all my heart.


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