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Yoel Cin

Yoel Cin

Dear friends and family,

This summer I plan to ride my bike across the country in an effort to raise funds for Friendship Circle which is a great organization dedicated to serving special needs children. (If you are interested in learning more about this worthy cause, you can find out more by accessing this link

In order for me to partake in this ride with Friendship Circle, I am required to raise $5,500 in donations. A portion of the funds raised will cover my expenses to join the ride with the balance benefiting Friendship Circle's efforts to support several special needs children.

The trip will take 6 weeks to complete and will require us to cover about 100 miles a day as we travel from San Diego to New York City. Over the past several months and in the coming weeks, I will continue to train very diligently so I will be ready on June 16th when the trek starts. I would greatly appreciate your support and donation to this cause so that I can accomplish this endeavor and at the same time know that my efforts are doing good for many others.


raised of $5,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Anonymous
2. Dr Zev And Susan Munk
Keep up all your acts of chessed. Continue to be a source of nachas to your family and the entire Houston community. Zev and Susan Munk
3. Sandra Axelrad-Boccara
Con, your team and you inspire us to strive unceasingly on becoming kinder, more patient, and more peaceful. Thank you.
4. Annette Rosen
Very proud of Yoel and rest of the cross-country cycling team.
5. Ruth L Katz And Aharon Sharon
What Yoel and his friends have done, in order to raise money for the Friendship Circle is awesome. Such amazing dedication and endurance is unparalleled and augurs well for Yoel's future as an outstanding individual with sterling character traits. His love for the Jewish people and Judaism is admirable and also a credit to his parents, Holly and Elliot Cin, who have brought him up to be Torah observant.
6. Linda And Nelson Block
Kol hakavod to Yoel and your team!