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Welcome to Natan Bushee's Page

Natan Bushee

Natan Bushee

Thank you for visiting my page!
This summer I am planning on biking across the country to raise money and awareness for Friendship Circle International! Friendship Circle is devoted to help individuals of all ages with special needs, creating a warm and empowering community. The growth, friendships, and skills that Friendship Circle helps create is remarkable and I am so excited to participate in this incredible community.

Thank you for your support!
- Natan Bushee

What I'm going to be doing: Starting in San Diego, we are going to bike close to 100 miles a day for 6 weeks, culminating in New York. Along the way, we will meet with representatives of several communities!



raised of $5,500 goal

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What a worthy cause. Proud of your involvement to help.
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