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Welcome to Moshe Cattan's Page

Moshe Cattan

Moshe Cattan

Hi there,

This summer, I will be biking across America raising awareness for Friendship Circle. The Friendship Circle provides programs and support to special needs children and teens, as well as their families. Programs include weekly Sunday Circle and monthly holiday events. “Friends at Home” is another program in which volunteers, AKA friends, come to visit the child, usually on a weekly basis.

My brother, who is two years younger than me, was diagnosed with autism at a young age and gained a lot from the Friendship Circle. I grew up volunteering for a local Friendship Circle and really enjoyed watching my special friend’s smiles at the Sunday circle and holiday events. This made a lasting impression on me - teaching me that happiness is a choice and a tool for a successful future. Friendship is not a luxury, and the Friendship Circle provides true and lasting friendships to everyone who enters their programs.

By biking across America this summer, I hope to give back to this amazing organization. I would like to show the world how important the Friendship Circle truly is and the lasting impressions they make. Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life and help provide friendship to those who might otherwise be lonely? Please sponsor me in my journey and help give everyone that friend they need.




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You got this Mo! With you in heart and spirit!
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Keep the pedals turning and the friendships growing. -@Matticus337
5. Connor Hughes
Best of luck mate👍
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Good luck Moshe!! You totally got this!!