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Mendy Avtzon

Mendy Avtzon

ONE DAY AND 79 MILES LEFT before I've cycled every mile across the USA coast to coast. While this goal is in near sight and can be felt already, I still need your help to reach my fundraising goal for children with special needs! Let's raise as much money as we can before the finish line that is is coming soon!!

This journey has been extremely challenging, uniquely humbling, yet extremely life changing! Pushing my body and mind to their absolute limit on a daily basis is something that I will learn a lot from moving forward! The amount of challenges on this trip can't even be counted.. Just an example, my bike was cracked by a car and I had to purchase and start riding a new bike mid trip!!

I have dedicated my ride to the memory of my friend Menachem, who was helped a lot by FC Brooklyn in the last couple years of his short, yet full, life!

With a couple of days left to the ride and every mile up to today under my belt, I'm still short of my fundraising goal and ask that you consider helping me out for this great cause! Kids with special needs and disabilities deserve a voice and shoulder to lean on and we can help them! Any amount really helps! Thanks for your consideration and TOGETHER we will change lives!

Best - Mendy



raised of $13,000 goal

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Mendy Avtzon Rocks. Kol Hakovod!!
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Go Mendy Go! We're proud of you and love your dedication and tenacity!
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