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Aryeh Kimmelfeld

Aryeh Kimmelfeld

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This summer, I’m embarking on a great adventure – a cross country bike trek, dubbed Bike 4 Friendship, to promote acceptance and understanding for children with special needs. The trip is organized by The Friendship Circle, a wonderful organization that provides social opportunities and support for children with special needs and their families.

Bike 4 Friendship debuted in 2011 spreading the message of acceptance, inspiring communities across the country, and raising funds for the Friendship Circle.

This year, I’m proud to be taking a part of the incredible Bike 4 Friendship team and have pledged to raise money to benefit children with special needs. I would like to invite you to join me on this journey by sponsoring me. Your tax deductible contribution will make an enormous difference in the lives of children with special needs.



raised of $5,000 goal

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1. Aryeh Greenberg
You did good, bike on
2. Daniel Libesman
Best of luck Ari!! I hope you reach your goal and have a great bike ride cross country!
3. Rabbi and Rivkah brikman
4. Zach Hamburger
Good luck!! Why couldn't the bike ride? Because he was TWOO tired!!
5. David Lakshin
6. Elie Burg
Just Bike Brother