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Bike 4 Friendship 2019

July 14, 2019

From the shores of San Diego, to the hustle and bustle of New York City - your 7-week journey across America will be the adventure of your life! As you ride over 3,100 miles on the saddle, you will see breathtaking scenery, experience exhilarating rides, and visit plenty of attractions along the way! And while your legs are pedaling in the great outdoors, your mind is getting a workout, too, with fascinating people to meet and cultural interactions and learning part of every ride, every day.

See a sample Bike4Friendship itinerary below: 

Week 1 | San Diego, CA > Phoenix, AZ
Your journey starts with the tire dipping ceremony at La Jolla beach, through the Cuyamaca mountains, and into the Arizona desert. This part of the ride is slightly easier with regards to mileage and elevation, however the heat can make it extremely difficult. Expect some night riding! 

Week 2 | Phoenix, AZ > Santa Fe, NM
You will then get out of the desert and into the bottom of the Rockies. The climbing is difficult, but the views are breathtaking. New Mexico is truly an enchanted place. The people you will meet, and the cities that you will see, will give you a taste of what the United States of America is all about.

Week 3 |
Santa Fe, NM > Oklahoma City, OK
Don’t mess, because Texas is next, and from there you will be heading into the great plains, the heartland of America, with it’s charming little towns. Crossing into Oklahoma, will give you a feel for how the pioneers established roots out west. 

Week 4 | Oklahoma City, OK > St. Louis, MO
Into Missouri it is, be prepared for the Show Me State, to amaze you with beautiful country roads and luscious forests. As you make your way across the state, you will be following the trail of Lewis & Clark through the Gateway to the West. 

Week 5 | St. Louis, MO > Columbus, OH
You will cross the great Mississippi into Illinois and along the sprawling cornfields of  Indiana.As you near the east coast, cities become more numerous, and you will be meeting many new people. Talking with mayors, local press interviews, and spreading the message of Friendship Circle will become even more frequent.

Week 6 | Columbus, OH > Westfield, NJ
Are you ready to climb? Those steep climbs of Pennsylvania may be challenging, but the reward of rolling down those mountains is well worth it! You’re nearing the East Coast where your friends and families will be waiting to greet you with loud cheers, big hugs, and huge buckets of Gatorade to celebrate your amazing accomplishment. You rock!