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Yosef Boteach

Yosef Boteach

Hi, my name is Yosef Boteach. I am a rider riding for bike friendship across America on a mission to raise money for children with disabilities and struggles they deal with daily. By supporting me you will know you have made a child smile. Anything you can give will be very appreciated. Thank you!!



raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Dan Williams
We're all very impressed with your achievement, Yosef. May you go from strength to strength.
2. Elisha Wiesel
Kol hakavod Yosef!
3. James Cohen
Best wishes! James S. Cohen
4. Jerry Levin
5. Aaron Y Blackman
6. Shaina Botach
YOSSS!!! I LOVE YOU! Couldn't be PROUDER OF YOU! At such a young age, you are already the most special Chossid YOS, a natural leader, always dedicating your time to everyone else and the most important causes ever!!! You're pure inspiration! Keep bringing Moshiach and giving endless pride to Hashem, the Rebbe, and your entire family!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! GO YOS!!! XOXOXO