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Welcome to Eyal Schneid's Page

Eyal Schneid

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!

I have summarized why we ride and the uniqueness of this program for special need kids in a short 40 sec movie and another 60 sec for what is this ride is all about.

Once a year I seek help to raise money for the future of those kids. Once a year I jump on a road bicycle, not my day to day sport, giving all I have to cross the finish line. 180 miles in 2 days ride is not an easy task, however, it is incomparable to the challenge those kids face and just a little that we can do to make their world happier.

I am thankful and proud to work for CSG who generously sponsored me. Living our Corporate Values that call us to Be a Good Person, the company and its people genuinely care for our customers, our employees and about our neighbors and friends who make up our world community!

You will find that “Together we can make a difference!”

- Eyal



raised of $9,000 goal

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1. PWPat Wicketts
What an awesome cause! Good luck!
2. MMMiriam Marcus
Go team Boston!
3. MMMoshe Moran
Good luck
4. BSBrian Shepherd
Kip butt Eyal Impressive that you can survive it :) Well done my friend
5. CBChristopher Burton
6. CDChad Dunavant
Good luck Eyal.
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