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Welcome to Berel Nachlas's Page

Berel Nachlas

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, I am doing this for an amazing organization the Philly Friendship Circle which helps children with special needs.
I personally know the hard & amazing work that Chani & Zev Baram do for their community and for the children with special needs and their families. They can use all the support they can get!
Together we can make a huge difference! So please donate whatever you can.
Thank you so much,
- Berel



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1. LCLeith Carey
Keep the rubber side down
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4. nRNosson Rozenfeld
You got this amazing
5. sbShandel Blasberg
Berel.... yagati u'matati... ta'amin
6. FHFern And Brian Herschfus
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