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Chaya Avtzon

Chaya Avtzon

FRIENDSHIP — a special bond that every person deserves to experience.

FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE (FC) — an organization that ensures those with special needs are not left behind and that they too can experience the gift of friendship.

But FC takes it to another level. Beyond companionship for children and young adults with special needs, FC provides support to their families, instilling positive energy and providing them with peace of mind.

Across the globe, chapters of FC facilitate these connections by teaming up volunteers and children with special needs. Through these visits, confidence is boosted, individuality is celebrated, and dreams are ignited.

As I train for my half marathon in January, I will keep in mind how much FC does for the special needs community. I have no doubt that this inspiration will carry me past the finish line. Please partner with me as I run 13.2 miles to raise awareness and funds for these precious adults, children, and this amazing organization. Any amount is perfect and greatly appreciated!

My best wishes to you and yours,


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