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Welcome to Bassheva Laskey's Page

Bassheva Laskey

Bassheva Laskey

Thank you for clicking on my page and donating.

This run is very close to my heart and means a lot to me .

I feel very lucky to be apart of the
"Run for Freindship" family.

I joined initially to honor my Dear father, Areye Leib Tzvi Hirsh ben Dun Moshe,
who went to the world of truth this past year.

My father exemplified friendship at its finest.
He went out of his way to do things for others and couldn't think of a negative thing to say about others.
It gives me strength to keep running knowing that my father is looking down at me and cheering me on!
I couldn't think of a better act to do that truly embodies him than than joining the marathon.

Whats the marathon about? Its not just running. Its planning, training, sweating taking up your day and night.
And most importantly to forge on when it gets tough and grueling.
That's my father! In a nut shell.

One who does all he can, to serve G-d and to help others, with every fiber in his body and never gives up, Nothing could get him to stop doing because of pain. Till the last day on this world he sweat day and night never once giving up the opportunity to connect to G-d and his people .
Especially when it got grueling and tough . That's just when the fun starts!!
Let's take a lesson and never give up!
I wish you all the best bigashmius ubiruchanius (physically good and spiritually good. [In the words my father always used.)]
See you at the run !


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