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Arizona Marathon 2022

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Imagine exploring beautiful Arizona.
Imagine spending an incredible weekend learning, growing, and bonding.
Imagine crossing the finish line.
Imagine changing your life.
Imagine changing someone else’s.

Who: YOU
Wh​at: An incredible weekend experience + 10k, half marathon, or full marathon run
When: January 14-16, 2022 (MLK Day Weekend)
Where: Phoenix, Arizona
Why: Support the Friendship Circle. Change lives!

What are you waiting for? 
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Runners and Teams

Select A Team:

Top Runners

Sholom Jacobs
$18,604 raised
Chanie & Chaya Milworn
$10,150 raised
Noemi Garih
$8,143 raised

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$87,511 raised
Upper East Side
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Team Zevi
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How it works

We know new things can be scary. Don’t worry! Team Friendship will be at your side every step of the way. We’ll be more overprotective than a first-time mom at preschool orientation day.


Upon registering, you’ll receive a personal fundraising page (yay!). It’s not your name on a building (yet), but it’s still pretty cool.


Next, you’ll get a training plan from Coach Chaim, our very friendly and very dedicated coach. You’ll also get Coach’s weekly emails with training tips, tricks, and the occasional dad joke (we apologize in advance).


And of course, we won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to fundraising. We’ve got tried-and-true fundraising tools and methods, which we’ll share with you in our fundraising guide.

And while you’re out there training and fundraising, we’ll be taking care of all this stuff so you don’t have to worry:


Hotel: We’ve got you covered (in goose down). We'll be staying in the Camby Hotel, an incredible new luxury resort in the heart of Phoenix's upscale Biltmore neighborhood. 

Food: From breakfast to snacks to midnight ice cream parties, it’s all taken care of. Come hungry!

Got a special request? (Totally understandable, we’ve all been there) Submit your RSVP form by December 5 and let us know. We’ll do our very best to make sure you’re at your happiest this weekend.

Phoenix is what we like to call a happy medium: it’s not too far from the East Coast where we’ve got a pretty big Team Friendship presence, and it gives our West Coasters a chance to stay a bit closer to home for a change. Whichever coast you’re coming from, Phoenix isn’t too far away to make a quick trip! There are 1200+ flights into Phoenix every day. In other words, there’s a flight out there for everyone! Remember, Arizona is MST, so a flight that departs from the East coast at 8:30 AM will arrive in Phoenix at 11:30 AM.  Average cost of flights to Phoenix in the winter: From the east coast $250-350 From the west coast $100-200 


Please note that Team Friendship will not be covering the cost of flights this year. We did the math: due to inflation and post-Covid pricing, paying for flights would mean we’d have to pass the higher cost along to you by raising your fundraising minimum. This way, you can find a flight that works for your budget without the added challenge of reaching a higher fundraising goal.

The Event

So, the weekend looks a little bit like this, but just a lot more magical in real life:

Friday Afternoon

Registration Check-in, receive your jersey, find your hotel room, enjoy a delicious lunch (cheesecakes galore!) and meet fellow runners.

Inspiring Shabbat Experience

Bond with teammates, meet Friendship Leaders from around the world, join traditional Shabbat meals and services, and relax before the big day.

Saturday Night Pre-Race Banquet and Pasta Party

Bring All. The. Energy! Load up on dinner, hear personal stories from Friendship Circle members, go crazy at the dance party, and get pumped for an incredible run!

Sunday Morning

Race day! Start your morning with some pre-race fuel and last-minute stretching before heading to the starting line with your team family. Run to the beat of Team Friendship’s DJ and stop to say hi to friends and fans and grab some swag and drinks at the famous Team Friendship cheer spot!

Sunday Afternoon

Post Race Celebration Celebrate your accomplishments with the #FriendshipFam at a delicious lunch before saying your last goodbyes--but not for long. Team Friendship 2023, here we come!

FundRaising Minimum

You asked, we listened: in the past, we received feedback that some participants don’t feel comfortable fundraising but would nonetheless love to participate in an incredible TF event.

For that reason, we are now offering a new fundraising structure where runners can pay to cover the costs of their participation in the event.

Should you choose to pay this larger registration fee, no fundraising minimum will be required; however, we will ask that you do try to raise additional funds toward the goal of $3,600.

For those who cannot pay the larger fee out of pocket in advance, the traditional fundraising method (fundraise to cover your full fare plus meet the Team Friendship fundraising goal) is still available.

Please keep in mind that with this option, you will need to fundraise the full $3,600.

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